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Hello Laughmates,
Hope you’re having fun and making profits, making yourself and other people laugh.
So the first step to joke your way to success is to follow the advice of the sales trainer Tom Hopkins, who said ‘I find that our great champions, the ones who earn huge incomes for themselves and families are people who have changed their attitudes and learnt to handle the same pressures and anxieties that defeat most people.  Every time you are rejected in any way, tell yourself ‘I never see failure as failure but only as a way of developing my sense of humour.’

We have been trained not to use humour and not to tell jokes, to believe that the more serious you are, the more successful you’ll be.  That was rubbish years ago and even more so today in the ‘use your sense of humour century (sanity century)’.

Humanity has been systematically trained to ignore three of its major resources – humour, comedy and laughter. We have been trained to disregard these precious gifts during out daily life and working week. Then we are encouraged to turn on the television set or pay to see comedian in a comedy club in our free time. What we should be doing for ourselves, we pay a fortune to comedians to do for us. This truthful paradox makes us readers, watchers and targets when we should be continuous creators, participants and benefactors of the releases, relationships and rewards that humour offers. This sort of ‘defeat the purpose’ behaviour can happen to anybody, there was the managing director of the multinational company who had become so unapproachable and so snobbish that he wouldn’t get in the same car of his chauffeur.

Joke telling is a series of skills as is becoming successful and we can all learn these joke telling skills. Just as the young college graduate with a PHD is corporate management learnt his skills, he got a job with a large financial institution, on Monday he was met with the managing director and as the day progressed he was passed further down the line. At morning tea, he was on the shop floor with the foreman who said ‘OK mate, grab this broom and sweep this place spotless’. The graduate threw his head back and said ‘I beg your pardon you’ve forgotten something, I have a PHD in corporate management’. The foreman had a laugh and said ‘Oh I’m sorry, I forgot. You put your right hand here and your left hand there and push’.

Whatever area you want to be successful in, telling jokes will give you a massive advantage but you must learn that skills of joke telling as the actor Ronald Regan did. He was a master in the use if humour and he took his humour seriously. His personal joke writer was one of the highest paid in the world. He put together between three to six pages of 1 liners each week. These mainly relied on self put down humour directed at Regan’s age, which was a worrying liability and quite a target for quite a few fossil jokes like ‘At 76, I’m not afraid Regan will push the button, I’m afraid he’ll keel over and fall on it.’ In 1984 when he was debating Walter Mondale for the second time, Regan knew the age issue would be brought up and he had his humorous answer ready. It was based on the joke telling formula, reversal and is now a classic in political humour. It broke the press up and even got a big laugh from Mondale and according to the magazine Newsweek, he sealed his election with the following joke ‘I will not make age and issue of this campaign, I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience.’

The office joker who knows what they’re doing is a much valued edition to any skilled workforce, they release the tension, they change the mood in the workplace, they add to the staff becoming much more satisfied. Take the sales manager who said ‘Our boss is really progressive, you know some companies have the four day work week, our boss believes in the four week work day’

The office joker said ‘the first thing the boss does every morning, is call “dial a prayer” to see if there’s any messages’
The office joker goes on to say ‘The boss is a firm believer in fireside chats, if you don’t take his side during a chat, you’re fired.’

‘I’ve come to this conclusion, it’s one I’ve long supposed, the boss’ door is open, it’s his mind that’s always closed.’
No matter what your occupation, you can be a joke teller, even if you’re a tree feller. Like the fellow who went for a job cutting down trees and was being interviewed by the personnel manager ‘Do you have any references?’ he was asked. ‘No I don’t’ he replied ‘but I cut down all the tress in the Sahara desert’. The personnel manager looked puzzled ‘But there are no trees in the Sahara desert’ he explained. The applicant smiled and said ‘Not anymore, I did a good job’.

To begin joking your way to success start what we call a prepared spontaneity material list.

Make a list of subjects you want to joke about.

Make a list of situations you want to be able to tell jokes in.

Make a list of everyday topics you want to tell jokes about.

Make a list of things that frustrate, annoy and make people angry, that you can joke about to relate to them.

Make this list more detailed based on your own work environment and begin finding the right jokes for the right folks.

There will always be the time you have the wrong joke though, so do what we suggested at the beginning, use the situation to grow your sense of humour.

I will close with the wrong joke.

A travelling salesman knocked on the door of an outback farmhouse and said to the farmer ‘My car’s conked out, could you put me up for the night?’ ‘Sure thing’ said the farmer ‘the only spare bedroom I have is my gay son’s room, you’ll have to sleep with him’. The salesman turned white and screamed ‘My God, I’m in the wrong joke!’

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