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Start adding physical movement to your joke telling to grab more attention, to keep more people listening and of course to make the joke more enjoyable and funnier. You don’t have to be a clown or a comic dancer to do it, and it doesn’t require years of developing skills or acting classes.

Physically funny can be as simple as the joke about the little boy who walked into the milk bar and said to the sales girl “I’ll have 10 cents worth of chocolate babies please, and make them all boys” the girl said “There is not (click fingers) that much difference”. The kid said “I know, but there is (click fingers) that much more chocolate”.

What you can do is make an effort to find comic bits of business and jokes, which utilise fingers, hands and arms as ways of exploring your comic possibilities.

There’s a story about a bloke whose arm was bent at the elbow and his left hand was pressed against his side like this (do action). He staggered into a shop, lent on a counter and fumbled for some money with his free hand and said “I’ll have some cigarettes please miss, would you light one for me?” the sales girl said “Oh you poor man, you must have been in a bad accident to have your arm twisted like that”. The bloke looked down at his arm and said “Holy heck I’ve lost my watermelon”.

Begin building more physical funny into your joke telling now, start slowly by

  • Indicating fun through simple actions
  • Implying points with moves
  • Adding laughs with animation
  • Sending silent messages with mirth mannerisms
  • Showing and saying with sight and sound

Give your listeners every opportunity to hear your funny point of your, don’t make out that you think your funny, let them figure that out for themselves but be explicit both visually and verbally so there is no doubt as to what your joke’s all about.

If you have a joke about a dog chasing a stick, have the action of the woman throwing the stick (throw stick), likewise, if the woman is looking for a knife to cut some meat (act out cutting meat).

Do it, while you say it, so they can see it!

If you have stereo characters in your jokes, visualise them, see them, for example if one is an employee shouting and waving to a worker, see this picture and then pass it on to your listeners. Your jokes are only as good as your stereo character, situations and the delivery that you do to bring them alive.

Find jokes like this action gag.

I was walking down the street and saw a friend of mine covered from head to toe in bandages (do following actions), he had bandages all over his body, bandages around his legs, bandages around his arms, bandages around his chest and a great big bandage around his head. I raced over and said “Good heavens mate, you look really bad” (Look him up and down) “What happened to you?” he said “It’s my seenus”, I said “You mean your sinus”, he said “No it’s my seenus” (raise voice and with shocked look say) “I was around at my girlfriend’s place the other day and her husband came home and seenus”.

Now that joke has actions, energy, motion and movement. You can play it up or play it down, depending on your joke telling identity.

Get more laughs from your jokes through movement, motions and mannerisms by involving positive and funny body language with your gags. You will look and sound funny thereby becoming doubly funny by creating a funny picture with your physical funny, then by tying it in with your vocal dialogue you make the mental picture more real. This allows the audience to see and hear which makes it possible for them to feel the funny.

If you’re doing a joke and it involves something which is big, describe it but exaggerate physically (say) “By gosh it was big” (reach up as far as you can go) (say) “No, it was even bigger, it was (start jumping in the air and reaching)” (then say) “No, it was way bigger than that (raise voice and get a chair to stand on)”. Expand their visual vision with your funny activity, action and animation.

Like “Did I ever tell you about the time, I went out into the ocean and caught a fish, this (hold hands about a foot apart), this (hold hands two feet apart), this (raising voice) (hold hands about three feet apart)….this far from the boat? It was a little fish (hold index fingers about 3 inches apart with a silly look on your face).

Add visual animation to your verbal expression, start looking at your jokes without their words. Look at the movement, actions, mannerisms, natural gestures then stretch and style them and put them together with the words. This will give your jokes texture and depth and lots more laughs.

You might not believe me people, but I’m a body builder, just look at these muscles (go into pose), just look at these muscles (raising voice) (then feel your muscles all over your body quickly and with a shocked looked on your face say) “Help I’ve been robbed!”

You can even be more ridiculous and just do a simple wiggle (then say) “I was at a dance last week and I saw a girl going like this” (stand up and wiggle all over) I ran over and said “What are you doing? The Wotussie?” she said “No, the wait-too-longsie” (Keep wiggling).

Physical jokes can be as simple as walking with one leg straight (walk with straight leg), then say “Do you notice me limping? Look I’ll do it again for you” (Do straight leg walk again)(Raising voice) “No really, I had an accident, I did really, and since the accident I can’t lift my foot any higher than that.” (Lift straight leg about a foot from the ground then say) “Really before the accident I used to be able to lift it right up here” (Kick leg up as high as you can quickly, keeping a deadpan face and when they laugh, wink).

Begin looking for ways you can use leg and foot movements to express your jokes, some of these ways are













Your verbal jokes come from the top of your head, your physical jokes start at the balls of your feet. Push the balls of your feet into the ground, feel the adrenalin flowing up your legs into your body sending out silent messages that you are self confident with your jokes.

And you don’t have to be multitalented to be physically funny, we can all stand on our feet on the ground and you can get a lot of visual mileage out of just doing that, for example – take the joke about the old fellow who was walking down the street and every step he took he went (hit foot on the ground hard) (make sound of pain ‘harrrr’) and a bloke saw him and said “What’s the matter mate?” The old fella replied (hit foot on the ground, make sound ‘harrr’) “My shoes are too tight for me” the bloke said “Well, why don’t you buy a pair of shoe that fit you?”, the older codger said (hit foot, sound) “My wife ran away with the milkman, my daughter is not of the faith, my first son is in jail and my second son is a female impersonator up at the cross” (raising voice) “The only pleasure I have in life, is when I go home and take these shoes off” (Hit foot hard and make sound loud with a stunned look on your face).

It’s a matter of looking at what your doing from every conceivable viewpoint, see your arms, legs and feet, hands and fingers as joke-sign language.

Let’s turn a simple arm movement, shaking hands, into a joke.

My impression folks of a fellow shaking hands with an octopus “Hello (shake hands), hello (shake hands) (raising voice, speaking faster), hello (shake hands)” (say) “Oh I am sorry, that’s not your hand”. (keep holding while registering a shocked look).

Arms hands and fingers can be extremely funny, so begin looking for areas these non-verbal elements can be used in your jokes.

Folks, my impression of twin beds on the first night of a honeymoon (Hold your hands straight out with the palms facing the floor, keep your left hand ridged and move your right hand violently up and down).

Here’s a little story, and this happened to me when I was over in Hong Kong, I saw a sign in a tailor shop window ‘Suits, $5 each’. I walked in, put one on and this little Chinese bloke came over and said “Hi so, how does suit fit?” I said ‘Look, this left arm here is just a little bit too long” he said (screw face up) “Hi so, one minute, you hold arm like dat, is dat better?” (hold left arm up and bent) “I said yes, but I notice that while my left arm is like that, my right arm is a little bit short” He said “Hi so, you hold arm like that, is dat alright? (hold right arm up and out) I said “Yes that’s great, but I notice while right arm is like that, my left leg is a little long” He said “Awwww so, hold your left leg like dat, is dat better?” (hold left leg out with crooked stance) “I said that’s not too bad, but I notice when my left leg is like that, my right leg is a little bit short” he said “Aww so, hold you right leg like dat, is dat better?” (Kneel down a little) I said “Yes, that’s not too bad at all”. He said “Tank you, tank you for your business” and he shoves me out on the street like this (walk with arms up and out, hopping and limping), when I’m walking down the street and this guy comes up to me and says “Do you know where there’s a good tailor shop around here?” I said “Listen mate, don’t go to that bloke back there, he’s terrible” (standing in crippled position, pointing little finger) the fella said ‘What do you mean, if he can make a suit for a body like yours, he must be bloody fantastic”.

Have fun penetrating your psycho physical joke telling barrier, so you can physically punch home those joke lines.

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